6 Advantages of Using Uber Cab Service



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Uber has transformed the world with the convenience and low cost transportation that it provides at your fingertips.  The days of calling a taxi dispatch service, or paying the heightened taxi meter are over. Using Uber is convenient and will transform your journey.  The following 6 reasons are why Uber is better than a normal cab service.

  1. It is Cheaper

In a study done by business insider, Uber beat taxi cab services as the cheaper form of transportation in all cities examined besides New York.  Uber is cheaper than nearly all taxis because it is the drivers own private vehicle. Without having to rent the taxi cab for the day and the ‘requirement’ to tip nearly 20% in a standard yellow, Uber can save time and especially money.

  1. Convenience

Another advantage to Uber is the convenience.  With a simple app that can be accessed anywhere with cell phone coverage, you can request a ride and be picked up in a matter of minutes.  Rather than calling a taxi dispatch service or standing on the street waiting for an empty cab to pass by, Uber will save you time.

  1. Service

Uber drivers are, for the most part incredibly reliable and friendly.  Uber has a strict requirement that drivers must maintain at least a 4.7 or higher rating.  Having a rating below this could suspend them from driving for the company.  With this platform Uber has created, the customer service is much higher than a standard taxi.

  1. Payment

Uber has established a platform that is paperless with payments. Unlike a normal taxi which normally has a half working credit card machine, Ubers processes the payment entirely through its app.  With this electronic payment, the moment you arrive at your location you can be on your way and forget fishing in your pocket for change.

  1. Selection

Uber has established a wide range of vehicles that riders can choose from.  Whether you need a large SUV or Limo, Uber can provide that.  Most passengers, though, require a reliable and cheap vehicle.  If this is the Uber that you want, UberX is the best option.  This vehicle is the lowest cost ride that the company offers.  With all vehicles being driven no older than 10 years.  UberX provides a reliable and cheap option when using Uber.

  1. Carpool

Along with committing to getting the cheapest ride no matter what city you are in, Uber has also committed to helping the environment.  UberPOOL is a new way to help cut costs and save the environment by sharing rides.  With UberPOOL you are paired with another rider that is going to a nearby location.  Sharing a vehicle allows for the price to be cut significantly, although it may result in a slightly longer journey.

Uber has provided a revolutionary riding experience. With the ability to choose which vehicle picks you up, from an SUV or Limo, to the more cost effective vehicles such as UberX or the carpooling option, Uber can save money for passengers that are looking to cut costs.  Uber has also provided users a revolutionary customer service that stems from the ability of riders to rate their drivers and experience.  Having this ability to rate drivers allows for only the best Uber drivers to continue driving passengers.  Overall the lower prices and convenience to order a ride from your couch at a click of a button are a few of the hundreds of advantages that Uber has to offer.


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