6 Steps to Follow If You Want A Career in Accounting


There are hardly any successful organisations out there that function without an accountant. Even small business owners employ accountants to help them with the government taxes by preparing and submitting tax documents. Apart from this, accountants also manage the payrolls of executives, handle financial reports, do bookkeeping etc. Accountants aid the managing team in carrying out important business decisions, stay up to date with recent tax laws, manage the funds and pay their employees. A job in accounting can offer you a pretty decent salary and job esteem. But what does it take to make a good accountant? Here are a few tips that could help you make your decision.

  1. You Need To Develop An Affinity For Numbers And Calculations

Being an accountant is all about crunching numbers and manipulating them day in and day out. So liking math is a major part about being an accountant. If you are not enthusiastic about math, then you may not find this course so enjoyable. Consult with your teachers or your high school academic counsellor about what subjects to opt for that could help you get into the University of your choice.

  1. Start Browsing Through Colleges That Offer Courses In Accounting

Go through college websites and find out which offer suitable courses in accountancy. You can even send them an email requesting for the college brochure in case it is not available online or contact them for more information. Most of the accounting jobs require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree in accountancy or business administration. So you could do either a specialised course like information technology auditing or follow a generalized syllabus. If you are not interested in the traditional brick and mortar colleges, there are some prestigious colleges that offer online or correspondence courses and there are others that allow you to pursue the course at your own pace. Either way, it’s best if you find a course that suits your needs.

  1. Familiarise Yourself With The Latest Accounting Softwares.

Sometimes what you learn during your degree or diploma course may not be sufficient to secure you a job in the corporate world. So enrol yourself in a short term course that teaches you the latest softwares in use especially by corporates. This might help you stay at the top of your game as well as give you an edge over other your peers.

  1. Join In An Internship Program With A Firm.

If you want to gain hands on practical knowledge, then do a summer internship program to familiarise yourself with the career requirements. It will be an attractive addition to your resume and you may even get some pocket money.

  1. Determine the field of accounting you’d like to pursue.


You could be either a public accountant or a private accountant. A private accountant works solely for a particular company, analysing its the day to day monetary activities and aiding with financial consultations and auditing. While a public accountant helps a variety of clients in handling taxes etc. There are companies that offer dedicated financial services to customers such as http://kpartners.com.au, so you could even consider working for them.

  1. Clear The Certification Exams.


These exams might be tough but they could actually help boost your career. To clear this exam you need to have a good knowledge of accounting principles and work experience. There are a lot of online tutorials and mock papers that could help you meticulously prepare for these tests.

The demand for accountants is on the rise and if you are truly passionate about pursuing a career in this field then there are bright prospects ahead of you.


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