A Beginners Guide to SEO: All That You Need to Know



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SEO is a must have tool in your arsenal to help promote your site higher on search engines. It doesn’t take a genius to master this art. With the correct knowledge and advice, you will take your website to new heights.

Following this guide will give you the knowledge needed to handle your SEO needs.

⦁ Knowing the Truth

Most people think SEO’s purpose is to solely be used as a tool to increase web traffic. Although correct, its main purpose is to help search users find your site in that abundant sea of the internet. Smart SEO work will link what people are searching for to your site.

⦁ Keyword Searches

It’s important to understand and meet the goals of your users. This makes keywords crucial to a successful campaign. You need to optimize your keywords to match what people are searching for.

The easiest way to do such things is through detailed research. Check for keywords that high huge volume of searches. But don’t leave out some of the less popular ones. They can be used to collectively bring in a great deal of added searches.

Now break that down even smaller. Try to eliminate as much of the competition as possible. Choose specific keywords based on the content your sight offers. For example, if you’re offering SEO work in Irvine, use something like McKremie Irvine SEO instead.

If your site is focusing primarily on local communities use keywords that focus on that specific area.

⦁ Focused Content

Once your keywords are in place, the next step is creating that valuable content. All search engines contain these things called “crawlers”. They scan and use the data on your site to decide what your sites content it about. Then they use their system to ranks your pages and keywords in searches. Therefore, having the right keywords becomes so critical. You can influence these crawler’s decisions by having smart keywords placed on your site. Don’t focus on trying to influence the results. This lead to your site being plain and dull.

Your content should have exciting titles that catch the reader’s attention. Keywords in the content that are highly relevant and lead users to your site. Most importantly, make sure you are producing content that is fresh and very high quality. This is attractive to search engines and users.

⦁ Optimize Site Tags

When it down to coding your title tags, ensure that the title contains keywords as well. This helps to increase the likelihood of search engines pointing users towards your site. All the pages on your site should be coded with the same method.

Meta tags help along with your title tags. Think of them as further detailed descriptions of your site. These help users better find your site. Show off other work, or advertise using keywords. It all helps.

⦁ Headings & Sitemaps

Each page will and should have a main heading. These headings should be very specific and contain keywords. You will have multiple heading per page and each heading below the main central heading typically will be less specific than the previous.

Sitemaps are just like the equivalent to GPS. They assist those crawlers to all the available content and pages on your site. Allowing them to find everything you have on there. Having these in one of two formats, HTML and XML. Only difference being that HTML are easier for users to read.

⦁ Domain And URL

Having a domain name with contains keywords will give you a lot higher results on search engines. Without the use of keywords, you run the risk of being too vague and are left with a flood market of options. Being unique and creative with the domain name can help build your brand. Look what Google did.

One of the most overlooked part of SEO is the structure of the URL. The goal is to have a nice, crisp, clean URL. Search engines have a hard time locating you if the URL is messy. Aim to have your URL short, containing no symbols or underscores, and only contain letters and numbers.

⦁ Links

Link are incredibly valuable to ranking high on searches. When other sites can link to your site search engines reward that with higher ranks. Links within the content are much stronger than link at the bottom of the pages. Always link to relevant sites, avoid gambling and adult sites. A solid anchor text for your links that is relevant to your content is a great way of building good links.

If you follow this guide you should set yourself up for some great results. SEO can be handled with the right information. Now that you have it, get out there and dominate.


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