Adidas introduced a new smart ball


adidas-Smart-Ball-1Adidas, the famous manufacturer of sports equipment follows the modern trends, so they created a smart ball. After fitness bracelet and other technological gadgets, they now turned on creating smart ball. At first glance, the Smart Ball: Adidas miCoach is a common ball for playing football. However, within the smart ball are sensors that will help anyone who is playing the most famous sport in the world.
Before, Adidas Wilson presented a basketball ball, which also had built-in sensors . miCoach Smart Ball monitors the movement of the ball, acceleration, trajectory, rotation during the flight and the crash site. The data that is collected can be viewed and analyzed using iOS applications for the iPhone and iPad.
For those who wish to train there’s Challenge Yourself application, which sets the various tasks that must be performed. Using the application it is possible to practice strenghth shots, better performance from free-kicks and similar stuff. With the ball you get a wireless charger, and the entire set of the smart ball can be purchased through the official site of Adidas and Apple for around 300 euros.

adidas-smart-ball-630x420 xl_adidaslab


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