Android in cars – next big step for Google in 2014


Android in cars

Google have big plans to put Android inside the car, and the whole thing will start announcing ties with Audi at the CES 2014 event, according to WSJ. Their sources say that Android will be the center of entertainment system inside the car in the Audi, which will work directly on the hardware installed in your car rather than your smartphone. The cooperation will also include the company Nvidia, and such system should give you access to the same functions, navigation, entertainment and communication, what you already have and what you enjoy on your handheld device.


Google’s next wish is Android in cars, and the company used CES 2014 to introduce Open Automotive Alliance ( OAA ), which will make the connected cars become a reality. Giants in the world of cars such as Audi, GM, Honda and Hyundai using the chip maker Nvidia, will be the first to enter this ” global alliance leaders technology and auto industries dedicated to bring Android to cars in 2014 “. . The main task of this alliance is to create a single platform that will enable the seamless integration of Android into cars. The Alliance will also be tasked to develop tools that will help developers to easily bring Android applications related automobile . It is expected that soon more and more companies join the alliance, and remind you that Apple has previously revealed his project “iOS in cars” that includes an impressive list of car manufacturers : Honda, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Ferrari, Chevy, Infiniti, Kia, Hyundai, Volvo, Jaguar and Acura .

Honda already had Android, at least an app.

From the HondaLink, Honda claim: “Well, it’s two things actually. HondaLink™ First Generation lets your Honda seamlessly connect with your compatible smartphone, giving you in-car access to your favorite music, contacts, social media and other services. HondaLink™ Next Generation, now available on select 2014 models, is an all-new application-based platform that connects you to a world of online content both inside and outside your car.” We guess that Honda along with the other car manufactures from OAA will not seek just for an application provided by Google for their products.


  1. This will end up really bad.
    1. Privacy problem. You will be able to track everybody everywhere if you are smart enough.
    2. Software error. If the level of integration is high, than any software error can be life costing,
    3. Teens can’t steal their parents car/s. It’s obvious that more control to the car will be added.

    • 1. Yeah so much privacy problem, that you won’t be able to go anywhere. Why don’t you leave your cellphone at your home before taking it out with you?
      2. You know that the car which you are driving today also has a software in ECU, right? Also, you know that the airplane that you took once in your life has hundreds of software in it right?


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