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Pulling Oracle cards is a great way to build your intuition, psychic abilities and connection to Universal knowledge – but ultimately the guidance comes from a higher power, not the cards. Unlike the tarot, there is less tradition and structure in an oracle card deck. They come with any number of cards, with or without a reference book and they may be designed around a particular theme (like romance or healing) or call on particular deities (like angels or ascended masters).

Whether you have some choices and decisions to make or whether you want to find the deeper meaning and the path that would be the best for you, we have an incredible Oracle cards app that is currently available on the Android and on the iOS platform. It’s called Wealth & Wisdom Oracle Cards, brought to us by Jaden Sterling.

What Is Wealth & Wisdom Oracle Cards & Why We Love It?

Jaden Sterling managed to create an easy and fun to use Oracle card deck that consists of 44 different Oracle cards. They are organized in 2 categories, business strategies and spiritual strategies. These cards combine spiritual principles with practical business strategies, allowing you to live consciously, abundantly and to gain clarity in your life. Just open the app, ask a question that concerns your life and pick a card. The card will provide you the answer you’re seeking and action steps to follow. You can choose between 1, 2 or 4 card readings, save your readings and email them to your friends as well.

The Fun Part

You can also have fun with the new digital 8 ball, ask any question and get an answer with clarity. Play and try different situations in your life, and see what the oracle cards and the 8 ball think about them!

So if you want to inspire yourself, download Wealth & Wisdom Oracle Cards from Google Play or from the App Store.

Google Play Download Link: Wealth & Wisdom Oracle Cards

App Store Download Link: Wealth & Wisdom Oracle Cards


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