Christmas Egg Surprise, designed to be a fun and engaging application for your kids to learn.



Entertaining children is not easy in these days in which do not allow, letting kids get bored. Entertaining children so that you can slack off and watch the T.V is even harder. Moreover, the hardest thing of all is to entertain and educate, whilst grabbing back a bit of time for you. We have good news for you: your smartphone and tablet are your friends.

Kids love playing good apps and on the other hand they educate them too, which means you gain two benefits at one place. For this reason, we have brought an app for your kids from the same genre. Parents we are talking about, Christmas Egg Surprise.

How it is good for kids?

Christmas Egg Surprise is very simple and designed with children in mind. The functionality is plain, once the game is started an egg will pop-up on the screen and by using swiping controls on the egg a gift paper will be removed swipe until it you discover the box with revealing a surprise. Each egg displayed has a different pattern. It is indeed a combination of entertainment and education game for kids.

Amazing fun features:

  • Cartoon-like design. All the graphics and sounds are especially for kids and created in a cartoonish way to be fun for kids.
  • Sound effects and music. Egg Popper has a soundtrack (can be disabled from the main screen if you do not want to listen to it) and there are funny sound effects every time an egg or its surprise is tapped on.
  • Infinite play. The game it is endless, tap on an egg to uncover the chocolate and reveal its surprise, then go to the next egg and so on.
  • Random generated items. Each egg has a different paint pattern and every time it contains randomly generated surprise items with their name spellings and pronunciations.
  • Perfect blend of fun and education. This is very productive for your kids under the age of five. As they learn some useful vocabulary in the best and charming environment.

It is free to install on devices with Android and iOS OS. Adding this to your smartphone is worthy for you and your kids. You can find direct download links to the app at the end.

App Store Download Link: Christmas Egg Surprise

Google Play Download Link: Christmas Egg Surprise


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