Game Review – Space Joy


It has been 8 years since the Google Play App Store started. From starting, developers are very interested in developing games and users, playing them. Developers launched game in every category: Action, Adventure, Arcade, Fight, Racing, Match, Puzzle, etc. Then they tested the old gaming trend of 8-bit retro game and BAM! The retro game category emerges as one of the most popular gaming category. So, if you’re looking a game that will bring back that nostalgic feeling, we have the perfect one – Space Joy.

What is Space Joy & Why We Love It?

Space Joy is one of the greatest retro platform jumping games on the Android platform. It is created by the developer team over at Abcgames and released not too long ago on Google Play. With retro-styled artwork, engaging music and an awesome arcade gameplay, now all Android users can enjoy a beautiful and fun game on the go.

What we loved the most is the story behind this game. It’s about an astronaut named Tim who is on a dangerous mission to save the planet from the enemies. The enemies have invaded his planet, so your goal is to help him destroy the evil aliens which, by the way, are powerful and have different powers. Just tap on your screen in order to jump and shoot, collect coins, track the ticking time, make high scores and unlock new levels. You will be challenged and addicted!

If you want to enjoy this cool retro-inspired 2D platformer, open the link below and get it for free!

Google Play Download Link: Space Joy


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