No more worries for your lost pet or any precious belongings- Traista



In a world with so much stuff, from phones and chargers to cameras and even the dog, it’s hard to keep tabs on all of your valuables. There are hurried cab rides and so-called friends and family who like to “borrow” your stuff without asking, only to have said stuff go missing. Or maybe you’re the forgetful type. Whatever the case we have found an app that will give you information about the lost and found items, as well as the shopping deal around you place. We are talking about Traista.

Traista is location based social platform that is committed to help the humanity. Either it’s about loss of your favorite thing or if it is about the discounted deals you will get everything with this amazing app. The app is very simple and easy to use with unlimited features like:

·       Easily create a posts with description, photo and location.

·       Share on social networks

·       Search on the map. Be aware of what is happening around you.

·       Communicate with other users with help of personal messages

·       Help other people to find what they’ve lost.

·       An integrated map added, get help about the lost item or the shopping deal.

·       It saves a lot of your money.

·       The app is also great for business promotions.

It is one of the fastest growing lost and found apps on Google Play. Just use it for few days and you realize how valuable it can be for your everyday activities.

So, don’t hesitate to download the app free for your Android devices and never worry about your lost items. Click the link below to download:

Google Play Download Link: Traista


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