Plastic Surgery App will help you to take a second opinion before going through a plastics surgery



If you are thinking about getting a lift, nip, or tuck and if you really want to know what to expect from a plastic surgery procedure then you should look at actual outcomes from surgeries here we have brought an app for you named, Plastic Surgery App.

What is Plastic Surgery App?

Plastic Surgery App includes Virtual Plastic Surgery effects! Ever wonder what you would look like with a nose job or chin augmentation this app can help you see that as well. Take a photo from your camera or photo album, and with your finger play ‘plastic surgeon’ and see the results on your face or body. The same technology that plastic surgeons will use during your consultation is in this app. It is super fun to try out on both your photos and friends and family!

What it offers?

From Breast, buttock augmentation / reduction to facelifts to blepharoplasty to Chin and face contouring, this app will help you demonstrate all these, what to expect from these procedures, and see real before and after photos. The app comes up with smooth one-touch controls and within few clicks; you can implement the result on your digital photos. In addition, this app allows you to share your modified pictures with your friends and family across Facebook, twitter and Instagram. You can also save these photos to your gallery for later use or share through other communication platforms.

This app is available only for $1.99 from the Google play store. It is compatible with almost every Android device and you can have it directly on your device from the link given below.

Google Play Download Link: Plastic Surgery App


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