Rescue the birds from nasty monsters – Bubble Island: Birds World


Yet now there are tons of casual bubbles pooping games are available into the market. For this purpose, today, we are here to give you an app Bubble Island: Birds World that is the amazing bubble shoot game in the market of bubble pooping games with best colorful graphics and music.

Bubble Island: Birds World is the game developed recently that will at the same time entertain you, as well as also it will challenge you. There are 150 levels available for this game to move to the next level you have to match three bubbles that are having birds trapped in these. Aim your cannon to the targeted balls of the same color that your cannon is going to shoot. To pop up the specific color bubble you should be as much precise as you can.

The spellbound features you always waited for:

·       Over 150 popping bubbles adventurous levels.

·       Enchanting graphics that will leave you spellbound

·       Tap your finger to blast away at similar colored bubbles

·       Special boosters & bubbles to help you pass those tricky levels.

·       Compatible with all Android devices

·       For all ages

·       The more bubbles you pop together, the higher the score.

·       Show your popping skills and aim in the right direction, have fun matching bubbles and scoring higher.

This addictive Android game is best bubble popping game and compatible with all Android devices. Get it now for your device from the link given below.

Google Play Download Link: Bubble Island: Birds World


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