Scuba Dive Simulator: Zenobia – The game that gives you the real deep-sea diving experience



Fans of sports games are in no position to complain, for mobile is ripe with high quality titles encompassing nearly every major discipline. The hardware power of current-generation handsets has made it possible to enjoy a level of realism that has hardly been expected before on smartphone screens. So tune in and check out one of the best rated and most like scuba diving simulator game, Scuba Dive Simulator: Zenobia.

3D Scuba Diving Simulator

Scuba Dive Simulator: Zenobia is the game from adventure sports genre that gives you the real diving experience to plan your upcoming dive. In the game, you will continue your scuba diving experience in the environment of famous Zenobia wreck that among the world’s top 10 wrecks.

The game interface and graphics are 3D with the beautiful underwater cute sea creatures that will come across while you are diving. You tap on these to get the real info about the specie with detailed history.

Extraordinary Settings

The settings are quite impressive which has underwater gear pack settings and dive computer. The app is developed with realistic concepts, which gives you the real diving experience. you also get the notifications for everything that you can counter during real dive.

Data about your dive is saved with 3D dive route and you can track all of your dive profiles from the home screen. The game is available with two versions one is paid and the other one is free. The paid version unlocks more customized dive gear with unlimited number of dives. You can also share your dive routes with your friend to let them know about the causations and preparations for the scuba dive at Zenobia.

All the calculation such as nitrogen exposure, NDL, Central nervous system toxicity is done by real formulations and is in metric tons unit. This app is more than game that gives a real exposure to the scuba dive experience. Download it today from the links given below.

Google Play Download Link (Paid): Scuba Dive Simulator: Zenobia

Google Play Download Link (Free): Scuba Dive Simulator: Zenobia


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