With 63 – Find Sixty-Three Numbers Now, enhance your memory and concentration in fun and challenging way.



Whether it has to focus at work, do better at school, or just stay sharp, there are various reasons for wanting to boost brainpower. However, maintaining psychological well-being is equally as important. “Stress and anxiety are among the most pressing and far-reaching public health problems we face. Mental changes affect every part of our lives: physical health, sense of well-being, work, educational productivity and community involvement.”

Then there are apps that do not directly target mental health, but aim to increase cognitive functioning. They may be fun to play but the thing to worry about is, how many of them actually work. For this reason, we are here today with a puzzle game app, 63 – Find Sixty-Three Number to give you the perfect solution for your worries.

How it works?

In 63 – Find Sixty-Three Numbers game app you have to find the random number in 3 number that you can see on the game screen in the shortest possible time. The random numbers that you have to find, appear in different sequences. It can be an ascending series of number between 1 and 63 or may be it is a random number between 1 and 63. This process of finding number in a limited time really make your mind to work faster than normal and because of constant practice, you can feel a quite great improvement to your memory power.

There are total three levels of difficulties available for this game with three thrilling modes of gameplay option; you can choose between them on the home screen before you start playing. The game controls are quite simple and easy, there are no special requirements for the game.

63 – Find Sixty-Three Numbers is the best package to improve your memory and calculations ability. You can also find the leaderboards on the home screen and you can easily find that where your name stands in the list of players around the world.

Do not hesitate and download it free on your Android and stop worrying about the memory gaps or any other mind weakness problem. Get this brain training game for free!

Google Play Download Link: 63 – Find Sixty-Three Numbers


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