Apple took 45% of the smartphone market in the U.S. for 2013


 smartphone market According to NPD Group data, Apple took 45% of the smartphone market in the USA for 2013. The market has grown by 21 % in the 2013th year and sold more than 121 million smartphone, but the growth slowed down at the end of the year and for the last three months in 2013th year, the growth was only 10%. P​prepaid devices sales increased by 68 %, taking 29% of the market, an increase of 14 % from 2012. 71% of Postpaid devices are sold, but the increase was only 10%. The sell of ​​smartphone most increased among those who earn less than $30,000 a year and they make 31% of smartphone buyers in the 2013. Growth among buyers who earn over $100,000 was only 4 % and 23% of smartphone customers have an income over these figures, a drop of 31% from the 2012. As for brands, Apple is ranked first with 45% of the smartphone market, an increase of previous 44% from the 2012, Samsung took 26 % market share , an increase from 24% in the 2012, and on the third is ranked LG, recorded a growth from 5% to 8%. HTC and Motorola are  fourth and fifth ranked and had decline compared to the 2012th year.


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