Aquilon Software Review



Aquilon is a Canadian based software company that is known in the business world for producing one of the best ERP software in the software industry. Many businesses are currently using Aquilon for managing their distribution, businesses and overall doing various financial operations. It is one of the best rated ERP software and it can be beneficial to anyone.

Aquilon is divided in various modules that are tailored for different business needs. Each module offers great features that are perfect for small-to-mid-size businesses. Aquilon offers great amount of finance accounting management functions that are simple to use and it can be of great support to all of your financial operations. Aquilon will offer you that full control of your financial data, it includes balance sheets, trial balances, financial reports, account statements, profit analysis and much more.

Not only you will have that, with the manufacturing management modules you can integrate manufacturing processes and departments from started to finish. It’s great for the distribution processes.

On top of that there are various utilities and add-ons that can be useful to businesses. They are useful because they will adapt the software to your business. The fast implementation tool will convert your data from old system to Aqulilon, you can built configurable views that will allow you to build your own spreadsheet like views of data, save that and export it to excel. With Aquilon2Go you can access or retrieve your information when you are out of office and it is the perfect tool for professionals that are mobile and work a lot outside of the office.

At the end of the day this software offers great benefits for the end users. It can really improve the management, control, analysis and efficiency in business and thus increase profits. It is no wonder that Aquilon has been praised by many software review websites. You can find out more about it and get it here.