Benefits of Global CDN Video Services


CDN Video Services has established a reputation as a top worldwide provider of full Content Delivery Network (CDN) services. They help in optimizing your internet performance to make it more reliable, secure for your users and for it to work faster. In today’s digital world, clients have zero-tolerance for slow websites together with outdated content and poor media services performance. But CDN video service is all about to chang these.

CDN is described as a worldwide distributed system of data centers utilizing intelligent catching plus cache options, content plus network optimization to help make your website as well as your web assets to run faster, and this ultimately enables broadcast of quality videos.

Features and Services Provided by CDN Video Services

1. Broadcast OTT Solutions

The company helps in keeping your audience glued to their screen with streamable and top-quality broadcast, on any kind of device anywhere, anytime. They do streaming for you through their CDN global servers network, distributing content from closest node to your users. This helps in improving tremendously video qualities. They also deliver to an unrestricted number of viewers anywhere in the world, and to stream on your site the company offers HTML5 Video Player.

2. CDN Live Streaming

CDN Video services help you in quickly establishing on your site online broadcast for any kind of event to an unrestricted number of viewers. They also ensure distribution of load over numerous servers and this guarantees high-quality streaming without buffering. You just put your stream on their network and the rest is going to be done for you!

3. Website Acceleration

CDN Video services have built a worldwide CDN network to not only optimize performance but also for reliability and security of your website. Furthermore, their network is extremely easy and quite affordable to set up. This lets your audience or visitors download from any device, and at the best possible speed all your web assets. Consequently, this helps in speeding up delivery of your site, APIs, video content plus any of your website assets to your visitors. HTTPS-traffic here is charged at normal rates. This implies you are not going to incur extra fees for a secure connection. They provide also on their servers free TLS/ SSL termination service.

4. Game Acceleration

Game CDN solution will help you in saving both time and effort in selecting the ideal servers capacity plus configuration. Consequently, you receive resilient network scalability and you also overcome traffic peaks, high loads and surges.
CDN Video services also help you to tremendously accelerate your game and to simplify downloading updates process. You are able to enhance the number of active users and without any lags drive multiplayer games.


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