BitTorrent delivers mobile video transmitted via live p2p protocol

Bittorrent Live Mobile

Bittorrent Live Mobile

BitTorrent has today announced that it will release the first Alpha project based on Live P2P technology for live streaming to mobile devices. The new mobile application streaming will appear later this year. Unfortunately, the company did not provide any other details, except that the “first application that will use the BitTorrent Live technology bringing P2P transfer to mobile devices”. In March 2013, BitTorrent has released a live streaming P2P protocol as a beta experiment with the motto: “Live streaming of the people, for people”. This concept takes off some streaming problems, such as flow rate, infrastructure and quality of transmission in this way actually gets better the more people use the protocol. Such solutions for some time, we can see on desktop systems, and due to the popularity of mobile devices, it is clear why is only a matter of time before the Protocol on P2P principles apply to the mobile devices.


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