Earnings from Apple iPad are going down



Recent reports show that the iPad does not sell as good as expected, actually Apple makes more earnings from Mac than it earns the iPad. In reality this was expected because improvements between previous and current generation are not very large, and many users simply don’t need to buy the new iPad when the old model still works well.
The same fate awaits Macbook Retina, given that performance is actually weaker than the previous version and the only difference is the improved display and it is slimmer. Additionally, users are dissatisfied with the fact that there is only one USB port. Fortunately for Apple, iPhone and Apple Watch are seilling great, with the Iphone contribute with 55% of the earnings.
Tim Cook stated that the problem with the iPad is as it is and can not do anything but wait to pass. Apple had such problems before so theey already had experience in dealing isuess like this.


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