Football Mode on Samsung TVs


22622-promo-00Samsung has prepared a novelty for all of its customers who are fans of football “Football Mode”. Televisions from this company, all models from 2014, now have a Football Mode function.
With Football Mode option, users will feel like they are actually at the football stadium at the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, according to Samsung. For this goes especially optimized picture and sound, which make the colors more vivid and multi sound is better in order to feel the excitement of the masses.
Football Mode allows users to manage the football action, to zoom the image, take another look at controversial decisions of the referees or replay the highlights of the match. Zooming divides the screen into nine fields, providing a better viewing angle selected area. Samsung Football Panel is designed for football fanatics. Anyone who thinks that football is the most important second thing in the world, with the option of Football Mode will really enjoy at home, with friends, keeping in mind that the biggest football festival in the world, the World cup 2014 is starting tomorrow.