In need of new ear or nose? No problem


British company Flip design caused a revolution in the world of reconstructive surgery using the technology of 3D printing. The technique of this company from Sheffield involves collecting 3D data with the painless application of photogrammetry. It is a technique that takes pictures taken with the camera array, which is then linked into a single model.

3D printer nose and ear
These data are then matched with magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography to achieve a perfect fit with the personality of the person that is doing braces. “The digital sculptors” then use that data to make new body parts that are damaged. The new bodies are even with pores, rashes and wrinkles to look more realistic. “In the event of such missing ear, we would have taken existing ear and would do his reflection or would have taken organs from family members, and would use their geometry” ­ says the project leader Tom Fripp. The entire process of creating a digital model takes several hours, and the printing is done in a few days.

3D printer nose

The printing process itself is very sensitive, since it is very important to achieve the look identical to organic tissue.


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