iWork for iCloud applications available to users who do not have Apple product



iWork is a package of applications, or Pages, Numbers and Keynote, which are available to users of some of the devices from Apple. They are available to download for a symbolic fee, but for a certain period of time users can use for free.
iWork for iCloud version of these applications available via the web, or versions such as Google Docs and Office Online applications. To be able to use this online version of iWork, so far was necessary to have a user of Apple, or to own at least one device as Mac, iPhone or iPad, for example.
This week Apple lifted this restriction and makes applications available for any user who has or will create Apple ID account. Therefore applications from Apple become multiplatform at a time when it is becoming popular and really useful for companies, and of course ultimately for consumers.


With the creation of the Apple ID, users get 1GB free space that you can use to save the documents that will make through iWork applications.
For starters these applications are available to all users through beta version of iCloud page, so expect the future to be officially available on the main page.
Although iWork applications available through the website does not offer a huge number of features and options as is the case with Google Docs or Office Online from Microsoft, however their availability for all will certainly contribute to increased competition between companies. It eventually always result in better services for customers that in addition, will have more choice of different companies.


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