Know All About Converting From WMV To MP4


MP4 is basically the most popular format for watching videos. The reason behind this is its versatility. Yes, MP4 format is supported on most of the devices nowadays.

So when you’re willing to watch a video on your device, you can watch it easily if the video is in mp4 format. But, you may have files with different formats and want to watch it too on your device. Hence, you need a converter for converting your file into MP4 format.

Worry not! We’ve got the best one for you. You can finally know how to convert WMV to MP4 with Wondershare video converter. Learn more – How to convert to MP3

Steps For Converting WMV To MP4With Wondershare Video Converter

  • Download And Install: At first you need to download Wondershare Video Converter here. This can be done by downloading the link given on the website. And after you’re finished downloading the file, you need to install the file. So that you can run it. The installation process is simple and convenient. You’d face no problems at all while installing the file.
  • Add The Files You Want To Convert: Before converting you have to add media to the application by clicking on the add file button given in the converter. Then you choose the files that you want to convert to MP4.The Wondershare Video Converter has a unique feature of multi-functionality. You can choose many files at one go as the converter supports converting many files at once.
  • Selection Of A Format As The Output: after you have selected the files for converting you need to select the format. So that you get your files converted in the way you want. Then you have toselectMP4 as the format. Also, you can change the resolution of the video as per your requirements.
  • Converting The File: After you’ve done all the above-mentioned steps, the rest is too simple for you. You just need to select the destination of the converted file. If you want to change the destination of the saved file, you can do that by changing the destination folder before actually saving it. Next step is to start the process of conversion by clicking on the convert button. The files will automatically get converted and saved into the folder you’ve selected before. The folder will open as soon as the conversion is finished.

So these are the steps required for converting videos into MP4 formats. Make sure you follow each and every step and you’ll know how to use it easily.


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