Microsoft’s new browser – Spartan

Microsoft's new browser - Spartan

Microsoft's new browser - Spartan

Leaked the first (not so clear) images, which provide a hint of what it looks like Microsoft’s new web browser – Spartan. Although the screenshots small and of poor quality (first two photos), the concept model shown below – shows how the browser interface should look like in the end. Obviously, the Spartan looks quite modern, although for quite a minimalist design.

Microsoft's new browser - Spartan

Browser obviously reminiscent of Chrome or Firefox rather than Internet Explorer, and certainly will appeal to many users. In addition to the star for bookmarking lies, “reading mode” button that makes it more readable page where the user is located (such as Safari Reader mode). Icons for sharing allow you to send links easily via social networks or email while the three dots to the right there to open the settings. All UI elements are at the top, and Spartan no window frame so that the content extends from an edge to edge.


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