Mulling on SMS Marketing Strategies? Here are 6 Reasons to Say Yes to SMS Marketing


SMS marketing isn’t a thing of the past! Companies are still opting for this marketing strategy for generating better revenues and improving customer relationship by enhancing sales. Studies highlight approximately 67% of mobile users’ check their Smartphone’s regularly. It is true even when there are no incoming calls and messages. That shows how integral a mobile phone has become for an average individual. Furthermore, texting is no longer restricted to teenagers. 79% of Smartphone users opt-in for text messaging. Hence, SMS marketing today has a valid reason to flourish not just now but also in the years to come. It is the reason why several companies use it as a potential marketing tool.

Few ways in which companies opt-in for SMS marketing strategies


You could still be in two minds regarding the use of SMS marketing real-time! There are more brands and companies today than you can imagine, that tap into the potentialities of this marketing tool. Do you want to know how few companies are resorting to SMS marketing tactics? Let us find out how it is being done-

  • Online and retail stores via order confirmations, coupons, shipping and delivery notifications
  • Spas and salons through session confirmations, appointment alerts, and attractive offers/ gift ideas
  • Restaurants via everyday menu specials, delivery offers, and reservation reminders
  • High education centers and schools through assignment reminders, campus schedules, and event sign-up notifications
  • Nightclubs and bars through the VIP deals, special occasions, and live entertainment event announcements
  • Real estate brands through new list announcements, confirming client schedules and through property entry alerts
  • Lawyers, Dentists, and Doctors through appointment reminders and confirmations

Top 6 reasons to resort to SMS marketing strategies


Are you aware of how to implement SMS marketing strategies to start with? If no, then you ought to do basic research on the same. Akin to emails, even SMS offers you direct access to your users. Here many people question the use of SMS when they can make use of email!

The answer to this is simple. It’s a smart call to use both. SMS marketing is a fantastic tool to address any communication loop that exists. It also adds to your compact email marketing strategy. Furthermore, business text messaging also includes many distinctive features that look appealing to clients.

Are you still wondering if you should invest in SMS marketing? If yes, then you need to have a look at these useful six reasons that will change the way you think about SMS marketing.

  1. SMS marketing results in instant engagement


Within just a few moments of activating an SMS marketing initiative, there will be notifications for the recipients. It might seem something prevalent or widely practiced. But about 90% of the text messages sent get read within just 3 seconds. Hence, it’s good to know that notifications work wonders. It could be the regular reminders or time-bound offers – you could be promoting anything! SMS will inform people within a short span of time.

  1. Customers still rely on text messages.


Most text messages today get read within 3 seconds of its delivery! However, that falls short in terms of the open rate, which is said to be at 98%. It has been noted that email marketing records a 20% and 30% open rates. So, it’s safe to conclude that today people still trust text messages. Hence, you can rest assured that they are going to read what you will have to say in your SMS.

  1. In a mobile-centric world, SMS marketing is said to be mobile-friendly


Today, most people use their cell phone. Hence, as marketers or brand, it’s a smart call to harness this marketing tool to foster better relations with the customers at large via SMS marketing. The figures we have at hand aren’t misleading. Today, about 90% of American adults around the globe use a Smartphone. Also, with 160-character limit, SMS can deliver the crunchy details to its target customers as fast as possible.

  1. SMS content allows you to be versatile


The SMS messages are potent tools for generating instant awareness and action which is true both offline and online. Hence, today many companies will allow you to send SMS content for every recipient list, akin to your emails. SMS messages will also have active links and texts which suggest that you can make use of them to generate traffic to your website.

  1. SMS marketing campaigns are always cost-efficient


One of the most reasonable (cost wise) ways to interact with consumers is SMS as this makes it appropriate for start-ups and small businesses to shoot SMS content to their customer base and have their marketing message delivered cost-effectively. Simply put, using the best SMS content generation strategies you can reach as many as 1000 consumers via your text. It helps you go ahead in your business progressively. If you have a restricted budget to maintain initially, then SMS marketing is one of the best marketing tools to opt-in for.

  1. You can track the SMS engagement and delivery rates.


SMS marketing is very dependable! Tracing deliverability of the SMS marketing campaign is essential. Reliable SMS service will offer results in real-time for all the campaigns. It suggests that many people will get the SMS that you have to send. And this will attract many customers to subscribe to your brand as well. In addition to that, today there are the link shorteners, which enable you to track links. So, following every aspect of your transactions and campaigns is easy.

Today, the majority of marketers focus on the scope of marketing in the forthcoming days! It is a known fact that consumers will have their smartphones with them all the time. It’s known that a smartphone device generates excess website traffic to sites as compared to desktops. Mobile phones also lead to increased email open rates.

With online messengers and chat-boxes being in fashion today, few people assume SMS is a thing of the past! It should in no way be considered as the truth. SMS marketing has ample scope for both start-ups and established brands. Owing to its fast message delivery process and the ease of application, many companies today are still counting on SMS marketing to have their marketing messages delivered to their existing and potential customers.


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