From now on YouTube HTML5

From now on YouTube HTML5

From now on YouTube HTML5

Finally! YouTube HTML5. Yes, that’s it, no more firefox or chrome add-ons for YouTube HTML5. YouTube is kicking Flash and converted to HTML5 player, which will bring a way better and more stable operation, better performance and longer battery life when using YouTube on mobile devices! Not just only mobile devices. With the progression of the video quality, processing flash video with HD resolution takes a lot of CPU power. This will be gone! Do not forget the enhanced security and ease of standardization across devices.

Flash retiring slowly, but will trace it step by step and we can not wait for that to happen, because we have had enough dunks, pretty playback quality and all the problems that accompany us everyday on YouTube.

YouTube accepted HTML5 standard adopted experimentally some time ago, and with the arrival of the definitive acceptance we have an Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR), which enables you to watch videos or listen to music without fragmentation even when we have weak network – YouTube adjusts the playback quality of the state of the network and the so without interrupting playback. YouTube HTML5 will enable streaming live video on consoles too.

YouTube’s move highlights the shrinking relevance of Adobe Flash on the modern internet. Adobe itself has spent the last few years severing many of its ties with the product — the company’s Flash 2012 Flash roadmap narrowed its focus to gaming and “premium” video, and in 2011, the company killed Flash Player for mobile, saying at the time that HTML5 was the “best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms.” In 2015, YouTube has realized that Flash is not the best solution for web video, full stop.


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