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The robust growth and advancement of technology have led to the formation of various software programs and CAD’s. Which is why it has been advantageous in several aspects. There is a constant need for distinctive and inimitable software to show progression in technology. One of the most common is the online converter software which helps in the conversion of audios, videos, PDF files, and numerous other document file formats to make their access and downloading easier.

Computer and software engineers have designed tons of different file converters for many distinct purposes. Some for the conversion of audio files while others being for the document files and videos.

Here we have compiled a list of top online free converters which are used by companies, software engineers and the general public all over the world. Have a look.

The Online free file converter is one of the widely known and used file converter. has an array of options to choose from. No matter you want to convert audio, video, archives, books, image or document file, the online free convert software provides everything you need. Not only this, but the also makes the process easier. The best thing about the site is that it is effortless to navigate. By signing up or logging in, you can easily convert almost every type of file (RTF, JPG, MP3, GIF, PSD, AAC, RAR, TAR, and FLV) within minutes. Not only this, but you can also add an extension on your computer, which ultimately makes the access to the site a lot easier. So, if you are looking for a user-friendly, easy to use and multipurpose converter, then this, is the one you should use.   

The second in line is the The easy to scroll and use webpage makes the use of the site quite easier. Moreover, before trying out the converter, you can check out the different supported files for assurance. The site consists of a small box on the top right side of the page where you can enter the file types to convert to and from. From audio, image, and document files to the archives and books, there is almost every option you can choose from. Amazing, right?

Convert. Files:

The site provides a variety of input and output file formats, which means you can easily choose from the different options provided on the site. You can easily browse for your files in the URL and get started quickly. Moreover, you can also upload the document, image, audio, video, or archive, but the input process might populate in the exact format automatically. By marking the check box to obtain the direct link emailed at your provided mail address you can get the converted file. Other than this you can hit the convert button and get the file in the format you want.

These are the top three conversion files which are being used by almost every company all over the globe. All of the softwares are recommended by the professionals and rated the top best by different software engineers and computer experts as well.

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