Wozniak criticizes the dependence of cloud services

dependence of cloud services


Co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, said he had sympathy for technology companies, since they have very little chance against the NSA surveillance tactics, and that the dependence of cloud services is one of the main problems. “I think a lot of companies, like Apple ,as a young idealistic ideas,” said Wozniak, “but all companies have to use the cloud , and in the case of cloud solutions have no control. “Technology companies are now under great pressure of the users and NSA agencies after the discovery of the extent of eavesdropping by these and other agencies. “We have strict regulations and principles”, Wozniak said when asked about the supervision by the government and other state institutions. Wozniak said that he understands that someone will eavesdrop on your phone if you suspect that you do something wrong, but they are considerably bigger problems now that we are in a bad way on this issue. On Monday, the company began to publish the requests of FISA obtained by the U.S. government, and certainly that these topics in the future will be very “hot”.


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