D-Link Introduces Smart Wi-Fi socket



During the CES 2014 fair at the beginning of this year we were getting info that D-Link is preparing a smart outlet with Wi-Fi connectivity, and today, D-Link officially announced its new product. It is a plug that is inserted into an existing wall (or distribution cable), which is certainly good news, because everyone will know to “install.” Full marks to this product is the D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug (DSP-W215), and its functions are timing when to rate, review how much electricity is consumed, and there is a thermal sensor to protect it from overheating, and will automatically turn off the outlet.
The control will be possible through the free Smart Plug applications. A similar product is offered with the Belkin Wemo Insight model, but with different internal components. However, most of the consumers will be interested in the price, which for this of D-Link model is $10 less compared to the Belkin and costs $50.


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