4-2-4 AC Milan great results tactic for FM 2015


After sizing up the game with a half arsed mandatory Milan save we got around to starting a proper save and ended up with surprisingly positive results. So that is why we present you 4-2-4 AC Milan great results tactic for FM 2015, the first tactic for Football Manager 2015 on Nerdoholic.com .

These last few years have seen the decline of my beloved Milan, who under the reign of Allegri (shit) hit new lows in terms of squad quality and style of play. Even though it has improved, both under Seedorf and Inzaghi, they still stick to an industrious midfield trio with little to no creativity. This tactic is our idea of how, ideally, Milan should play to maximize the quality of the players at their disposal.


The idea is to bring the old marauding wing backs back, think Cafu and Jankulovski bursting down the flanks sending in fast and low crosses for the likes of Shevchenko and Inzaghi. Where it differs from the old 4-1-2-1-2 is that it has two wingers. They are set as Advanced Playmakers to be able to sit more narrow to make space for the wingbacks to overlap, while they are also set to cross more, so essentially being a winger when the opportunity arises. They are also required to track back a lot to double up on the opponents wingers, so great all round wingers with high work rate (Ayew – Bonaventura) is a must. Up front we have a forward duo in form of a DLF attack and an Advanced Forward (Torres/Depay – Shaarawy) while the midfield duo is an Roaming Playmaker and a BWM Defend ( Honda – De Jong ).

Formation and Instructions:


Player Recommendations and stat emphasis:

GK- Self explanatory
WBs- The best all round backs you can find ( De Sciglio, Kurzawa, Vrsaljko etc ) – Pace, Acc, work rate, Crossing, Stamina
CBs- Self explanatory (I did play an entire season with one of them being a ball playing defender which I didn’t notice, so feel free to try that)
MCs- Self explanatory – (Kranevitter, Romero, Wanyama etc )
AML/AMR- Good all round wingers. ( Bonaventura, Cabella, Ayew, Yarmolenko, Robert Pereyra etc ) – Crossing, Dribbling, Work Rate, Stamina, Off the ball – secondary – Acc, Pace, Technique, Composure, finishing, Passing
DLF- Memphis Depay, nuff said. ( Zaza, Yarmolenko, Hulk, Griezmann ) – Acc, Pace, Passing, Off the Ball, Strength, Anticipation, Balance.
AF- Vincent Aboubakar? ( Shaarawy, Aubameyang, Rondon etc ) – Acc, Pace, Dribbling, Agility, Off The ball, finishing, composure, balance.

Tweaking and Tips:

It is essentially a plug and play tactic. I start with Controll 90% of the time if not more, only counter in away fixtures against top clubs, or in CL. You will have to manually set individual player marking on the AML and AMR to mark the opponents wingers or wingbacks or outer AMCS but I usually only do this away or against a strong opponent at home. For Away games I untick Short Passing, Retain possesion and Push Higher up, also when it rains I untick the Short and Retain. I also untick those if I am in dire need of a goal, and then also apply More Direct Passes and Drop deeper when needed. I also utilize the touchline teamtalks heavily, but I don’t want to delve too much into that. My favorite is concentrate after taking the lead.

Download 4-2-4 AC Milan great results tactic for FM 2015 –


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