Brendan Rodgers style FM 2015 tactic

Brendan Rodgers style FM 2015 tactic

Brendan Rodgers style FM 2015 tactic

We created Brendan Rodgers style FM 2015 tactic last weekend for fun after we saw it beating us 4-0 with ease, never thought we could get close to it, but we tried and it works brilliantly. We have used it with 2 teams by now, Werder Bremen and a later Manchester United, which we took over last year in the game on 16th place and leading them onto a third place. In the current season we are currently unbeaten, 1st league position.

But now about the tactic. We’re not a tactical genius by all means. But, we understand the game, how the game is working and what the game expects of you. We’ve downloaded so many tactics here in the past, this is just a little thing we hope to give back.

The mentality is attacking and using a structured shape. The team is closing down aggressive on the whole pitch, while in possession the defence is playing a short, safe-possession build up, the attacking third urgently tries to create clear cut chances and to score goals from them with highest speed.

Download Brendan Rodgers style FM 2015 tactic –


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