Dealey Plaza Paintball Enables Stunning VR Multiplayer Game of Paintball on the Scene of JFK Murder


In a fresh new VR game available on Steam, developer Jason Baird mixed history and modern gaming to create impressive VR game. Dealey Plaza Paintball is all new VR game that preserves the classic paintball game and puts the players into the location where the great US president John F. Kennedy was murdered.

Since the location involves lots of buildings, corners, stores and various places to hide, Dealey Plaza will excite anyone from the very first moment.

There are a lot of original places included as well, like the railroad, the bridge where the witnesses were standing, the Reunion tower, the limousine that JFK was riding and much more.

The classic paintball shooting and playing is cool and fun. This fps starts in the oval office where you need to select whether you will pick the republican or democrat team.

However, not only the paintball gun is involved. There are rocket packs that make the game even more exciting. You can fly above the city and explore everything. The score depends on the team and there are no levels and no rules.

The detail and the whole ambience of the game is indeed great. The game requires 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 970 and AMD R9 290, and i5-6400 equivalent as minimum requirements. If you meet them, then hop into a game of paintball on an original location. Get the game on steam from the link below.
Steam Download Link: Dealey Plaza Paintball


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