FIFA 14 Squads update september 2014

FIFA 14 Summer Transfers Patch (23.08.2014)

This version of FIFA 14 Squads update which will add to FIFA 14 most of the summer transfers performed till 02.09.2014 in the following leagues:

• Russian Premier League
• English Premier League
• Italian Seria A
• German Bungesliga
• Spanish Primera
• French League 1
+ Small updates in other leagues
+ Added some missed transfers and new ones (Falcao, Torres, Blindt, Cerci, Cristante and etc.)

This patch is not official one and you will not be able to play online with new updated rosters. But it can be used in both versions (license, not licensed) in the offline modes (career, tournaments).
Please do a full backup of your FIFA 14, also please take into account that existing career savings might be not available due to database was changed.

* It is strongly recommended to install this patch to clean FIFA 14 (without any other patches installed before)

1) Download and Unzip file (Squads 20140902223932#Nerdoholic transfers 02092014) to My Documents/FIFA 14

2) Download and install Creation Master 14
– Run it from administrator, select File -> Open FIFA 14
– Then just click Save.

3) Unzip Game folder to the main FIFA 14 folder (for example, C:\Program Files\Origin Games\FIFA 14) and then click “Yes” when asked.

4) Again run Creation Master 14 from administrator, select File -> Open FIFA 14
– Then click on Update Rosters -> Online DB
– In the opened windows just select the rosters file which you’ve unzipped to My Documents/FIFA 14 (point #1 of the guide)
– To check that transfers are working please click on the Barcelona logo, select FC Barcelona in the list of teams, then move to Roster menu where you should see an updated roster with transfers inside (Suarez, Rakitich, Bravo)
– Click on File -> Save and then wait few minutes.

5) Run FIFA 14, start new career and don’t forget to select “Own rosters”.

* In case if you don’t see transfers, you need to reset the squads and then create career one time again with “Own rosters.