FIFA 15 graphics tweak for zero lag

FIFA 15 graphics tweak for zero lag

FIFA 15 graphics tweak for zero lag

We know that you might have problems with FIFA 15 lag. And we know that you have tried our recommendations on how to fix FIFA 15 lag. But some of you didn’t manage to solve the lag problem. There is another solution. It’s called FIFA 15 graphics tweak. We have tried it with couple of PCs which had lag and it’s useful. FIFA 15 graphics tweak can also increase the level of graphics in FIFA 15 so you can fully utilize your PC.

In short this is what this tool brings:
– high hardware specs monster pc to increase GFX Level of Details (LOD) settings (mid, high, ultra high settings).
– low hardware specs pc to decrease LOD settings to increase game performance and remove lags (click low settings).

FIFA 15 graphics tweak for zero lag allows to manage, enable, disable or restore:
– LOD GFX SETTINGS – Available options: low, mid, high, ultra high, original (settings.lua)
– Click and go, no regeneration required
– Added button to quick restore game files to default
– Sure and clean installation, no files will be added in your FIFA 15 folder, only required if you click to enable.

FIFA 15 graphics tweak for zero lag

How to install:
Run setup file and install in “\Origin Games\” folder (in the root where is placed your “FIFA 15″ folder but not into FIFA 15 folder)

Start FIFA 14 LOD GFX TWEAKER TOOL (for WIN 7/8, start tool with admin rights).
Simply click favorited option button, close app, start game and enjoy!

Due to the fact that does not exist an auto regeneration program:
On the future if you install other mods working on the same file (like Rev. Mod 15),
you must regenerate bh files through a regeneration program (unavailable at time of tool’s release),
otherwise if you overwrite my you will disable LOD lua files.
On the future will come out a new tool with options which will enable/disable 3D CROWD.