Game of the Day – River


Tired of the same old same old puzzles like draw the line, blocks puzzle and match 3 puzzles? So were we, so we thoroughly searched for a unique and challenging puzzle game. Among the few that caught our attention was River, and since it’s the most interesting, challenging and original puzzle game, it is our Puzzle Game of the Day. Read more why.

Basic Intro

This 3D ambient puzzle combines several types of puzzle games into one fun game called seasons. The main goal is to pass the river by controlling your character and solving puzzle challenges.

24 challenging puzzles

In River there are 4 different seasons (trivial, visual, musical and logical) and 24 unique puzzles that you need to solve. There are also several fun achievements which together with the global rankings give River even more competing and fun character. Also, it’s quite interesting that the game has 3 different ending outcomes, which you need to explore by yourself.

Exquisite minimal graphics and artwork

What we loved about River, besides its super-fun and versatile logical puzzles was the exquisite artwork and graphics. Together with the original ambient music they create beautiful feel while playing which you can rarely find in other puzzle games.

At the end of the day, if you are really looking for a new puzzle game that will challenge you and entertain you to the fullest on your android device, then River is a must-try. It costs just $3!

Google Play Download Link: River


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