Game Review – Prison Break : Extreme Escape




Looking for some fun or casual games for Android or iOS to pass the time? With thousands to choose from on the Google Play Store or App Store finding good quality games can sometimes be a challenge. That is why today we will recommend you Prison Break : Extreme Escape, amazingly entertaining game and tested by ourselves which can guarantee the quality!

Note that we have played this game obsessively in the last few days and we can say that it has that special moment in it that will hook you and make you come back for more.

What is the game about?

At its core this is a one tap, one touch, easy control casual arcade jump game. The goal of the game is to escape the prison with the ultra-cool characters between many creative obstacles. Trust us, you will be extremely challenged of the patter of obstacles and only after you completely master the physics of movements you will be able to master the game.

The graphics and sound effects are impeccable. It is easy to see that there is great effort put in those details. That is why maybe, the enjoyment of playing this game is truly at high level.

Prison Break : Extreme Escape Features:

  • an entire cast of fabulous characters, inspired by monsters, food and lots of other things.
  • one-tap, one-touch arcade game requiring high level of jumping and timing skills
  • different level of stages and score competition in infinity mode
  • easy control casual game: possible one-tap, one-handed and one-touch operation
  • 96 stages and one infinity mode

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Prison Break : Extreme Escape can guarantee amazing entertainment. Its unique environment, lovely gameplay and creativity in terms of artwork and obstacles will never leave you bored. You will want to play more and more. Get it from the links bellow and see the video to experience the gameplay.

Google Play Download Link: Prison Break : Extreme Escape

App Store Download Link: Prison Break : Extreme Escape


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