How to install NBA2k14 roster update tutorial


NBA2k14 roster update tutorial

Install NBA2k14 roster update? Yes, you are at the right place! Here you can find the solution you were looking for on how to install NBA2k14 roster update tutorial. We know it happens sometimes, you are stuck without internet, but you are very eager to play with the newest NBA2k14 roster update. Here are the steps that will help you on how to install NBA2k14 roster update. Follow them once, on the second time you will do them by yourself. There are just three steps. It’s easy.

1. Download the roster update
– You are lucky person. Here at Nerdoholic you can find latest roster update, you can easily find the latest NBA2k14 roster update. Just follow our daily updates and download your preferred update, who knows you might wanna play with the Raptors squad from November 2014. However, soon we will post custom updates from different editors, so you will have the opportunity to play with different teams and different players.

2. Extract, copy and paste the update
– You are on the half way, easily you can download the update, extract it from the archive, than copy it and paste it. Be careful to paste the extracted files into the correct folder (C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\). Windows XP has different path than Users, it’s Documents and settings so the folder path will be slightly changed.

3. Start the game and load it from options
– After the copy and paste process, which is not so hard, you can start the game and load the roster file from options menu and you are ready to play.

And yeah with the completion of this how to install NBA2k14 roster update tutorial, you have finished the update of your rosters. It might be strange but some people are not capable of having internet sometimes. This tutorial is dedicated for them and for their desire to play NBA2K14.

Hope this helped you in your NBA2k14 experience. Feel free to check out my post about NBA2k14 online and how to be part of that community and prove your qualities.