Jose “The Special one” Mourinho tactic for FM 2015



Jose “The Special one” Mourinho tactic for FM 2015 is made to immitate how Chelsea currently play under Mourinho – in my opinion, at least. Expect an offensive mixed style of passing partnered with ruthless counter-attacking, resulting in plenty of chances created. Ivanovic still gets forward and crosses the ball in, however he is toned down a little bit due to his physical attributes as an individual & to remain conservative at the back. Matic is also not as static as many people think he is due to his sheer size, in reality he in fact contributes with a lot more than just an anchorman role, which was covered by Jamie Carragher & Gary Neville when they analysed his performance against Manchester City. I also made the striker role a ‘DLF’ as I would’ve normally gone for a ‘CF’ but feel the ‘DLF’ suits this version of FM more. I am also disappointed by the lack of assists Fabregas has been getting for me from the MCR role, so this is something you can feel free to tinker with. I can discuss more of the tactic in depth, such as analysing individual player instructions & so forth upon request. Otherwise, enjoy. I am yet to try this approach with a weaker side, however as can be seen it has been incredibly successful with Chelsea. If you wish to try this and are unsure of the types of players you should be looking for, simply go to the players used by Chelsea and find similar types of players. There shouldn’t be any special requirements really. If you are in a lower league just try to get as similar of a player as you can at your disposal.



Jose "The Special one" Mourinho tactic for FM 2015


Jose "The Special one" Mourinho tactic for FM 2015

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