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On FM15 my aim was to create a good tactic for my favourite team (Man Utd). I thought I’d try out the 5-3-2 Van Gaal is famously known for using. Pre season went rough as the tactic wasn’t fluid yet but as soon as the season got under way, the tactic proved to be a success. Baring in mind this is the 1st season and no additional ‘star’ signings were made it’s fair to say this tactic got good results out of the United team available.

The Tactic(s):

5-3-2 WB Attacking

Fluid team shape with Attacking Mentality

5-3-2 Atk



Pre Season Training:

Pre seasonDuring Season Training:

During season2014/15 Season Results:

Home Results

Schedule_  Senior Fixtures-3

Looking at the home results you have to admit that I managed to make Old Trafford a fortress once again with this tactic. Only giving away one draw out of 26 games and only conceding 9 times at home is pretty good considering the defenders I have are not exactly world class.

Away & Neutral Results

Schedule_  Senior Fixtures-4

My Away results aren’t as impressive as they are at home but they are still strong. Only losing 4 competitive games and drawing 3 out of 25 games is good and also conceding only 18 goals is pretty good too. Don’t ask me what about in the Sunderland and QPR matches. I don’t know myself.

League Standings

English Premier Division_ Overview Profile-2


Louis van Gaal



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