NBA 2k14 2015 Draft Class



This is a special one-time release of the NBA 2k14 2015 Draft Class file which includes 60+ real NBA Draft prospects for the 2015 draft. What makes this a complete package is that it includes 34 real portraits for the projected first round (and early second round) based on and projections. Also included are over 40 accurate cyberfaces (including all the projected first rounders).

I’ve included a PDF file which notes the player cyberface ID numbers in the zip. I’ve also included a readme.txt file with installation instructions.

Please note the following:

#1: This NBA 2k14 2015 Draft Class file is part of the famous Ultimate Base Roster (UBR) project for NBA2K14. While I have included ONLY the necessary files for this draft class to work, I do highly suggest you pick up the entire mod here for full compatibility:

NBA2k14 rosters April 2015

#2: College information may not show up correctly depending on what roster you load the draft class with. Loading this draft class file with the Ultimate Base Roster files will show correct college information.

#3: Ratings and a majority of the prospect editing was done by King Mellow. He did a great job on the base of this draft class. I have since edited some ratings, added/removed some players, and assigned appropriate portrait and cyberface IDs to complete the pack. Also, a special thanks to BIG for allowing me to use the NCAA cyberfaces for this draft class.

#4: Keep an eye on future Ultimate Base Roster updates as I plan on adding ALL of the rookies into a roster file for people to use to place them on teams or play scrimmages with.




FULL UPDATE 26.06.2015 NBA 2k14 Post-Draft Roster Update 2015



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