NBA 2k14 new Roster update (29-October-2015)



In this NBA 2k14 new Roster update we’ve FINALLY confirmed to have fixed the Association & MyCareer crashing for the NBA rosters, the crashing was due to an HD jersey (Los Clippers’ New Red Jersey). Due to the circumstances, we temporarily assigned the New Blue Jersey as the Primary Away Jersey for the Los Angeles Clippers. in the NBA 2k14 new Roster update we’ve also finally updated the NBA rosters with accurate rotations and lineups from the NBA’s First & Second Opening Nights, as well as updating the rosters with accurate contracts, having improvements to the shoe colors and adding new jerseys by Honeybadger.

Crashing has been finally fixed for the rosters. Apparently, it was NOT a roster issue, but a jersey issue. The last two weeks of testing and editing was really tiring and to find out that it wasn’t the reason for the crash was very, unnerving to be honest. Nonetheless, at least now we have identified the issue and that any crashing that occurs after the first and third quarters can be confirmed to be due to a cyberface or jersey. Due to the re-testing and re-editing in the past two weeks, we were forced to change bases for this new NBA roster so the accurate retro rosters are temporarily unavailable. So retro teams still have the Create-A-Players and are still missing legends. Along with this temporary change is the unavailability of the NBA Global Games courts which is also due to the changing of the base for the roster. If demand is high, we will reinclude the Global Games courts in the next update. Rosters are now officially complete with accurate jerseys numbers, rotations, accessories, tendencies, animations and contracts. WI & WOI rosters also make a return in the new rosters, as well as the inclusion of a 100% accurate 2015-2016 NBA Calendar to indicate that we have officially entered the new NBA season for Med’s NBA Roster.

New Jerseys by Honeybadger, New Players & Coach Sam Mitchell (NBA 2k14 new Roster update)

Four new jerseys have been added, the Phoenix Suns & San Antonio Spurs Alternate Jerseys, and the Washington Wizards & Denver Nuggets Sleeved Jerseys all by Honeybadger. We also include new and improved Denver Nuggets 2015-2016 Home & Away Jerseys. For the Minnesota Timberwolves, we are all grieving over Flip Saunders who had recently passed away. With all due respect, we have updated the new head coach for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Sam Mitchell. Four new players were added to the rosters to complete the official lineups. That means you’re going to need to re-download Main Directory Files 16 to enjoy these new additions.


Shoe Colors Improved, New Commentary & Gameplay at NBA 2k14 new Roster update

Complaints about the all black and all white shoes have pushed me to explore further options on how to improve the shoe colors without changing the shoe model or the team colors. As you all know, Team Color 1 is for armwear and Team Color 2 is for legwear, as the priority in Med’s NBA Roster is accessories, not footwear. That means Team Color 2 always be white/black due to the NBA’s rule that no players should wear colored legwear. In this new update, I changed the assignment of shoe colors in the model to make it more dynamic, allowing details to now be seen whether or not the players are using away or home jerseys. Coaching Profiles have been edited to make CPU teams take more threes as this is the direction the NBA is now headed. Star big men such as Anthony Davis & DeMarcus Cousins now shoot three-pointers and not only are the player tendencies updated, but as well as the coach profiles. Karl-Anthony Towns and Jordan Clarkson are now recognized by their first name instead of their last name. Thus, they are called Karl and Jordan, respectively.

Download NBA 2k14 new Roster update:



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