NBA 2K14 PC Roster Update 2014-15 with Rookies

NBA 2K14 PC Roster Update 2014-15 with Rookies

NBA 2K14 PC Roster Update 2014-15 with Rookies

Here’s a .ROS file that will update your NBA 2K14 PC Roster Update as of August 2, 2014. Credits to Hawk23 who made UBR for the infos of the rookies, and updates of roster. This is for those who are always requesting if they can only download the 2014-15 update.

New update:
Version 2.5
– Updated LeBron James contract. Other players’ contracts to be updated soon!
– Added SF James Ennis and center Justin Hamilton to the Miami Heat roster.
– Moved Rashard Lewis to Free Agency pool
– Traded Dario Šarić to the Philadelphia 76ers
– Jordan Hamilton signed with the Toronto Raptors

Version 2
– The following rookies are now included in the latest version of the roster: Shabazz Napier (Miami Heat), Dario Saric (Orlando Magic), Jordan Clarkson (LA Lakers), Andreian Payne (Atlanta Hawks), T.J. Warren (Phoenix Suns), Jusuf Nurkic (Denver Nuggets), Zach LaVine (Minnesota Timberwolves)
– Some of the teams already have the maximum players, so I placed some of the rookies at free agency pool.
– Latest signings including Shawn Marion to Cavs, Mo Williams to T-wolves, and Rashard Lewis to Mavs.
– Fixed the wrong body type (buff) for the rookies like Andrew Wiggins.
– Corrected the wrong age of Wiggins

There are people requesting for adjustment on contracts. Maybe on the next update! Feel free to give suggestions, so that we could improve this mod thank you!

– All the top rookies (Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker etc.) are here.
– Charlotte remains Bobcats in this roster (not yet Hornets), but you can install some CHA Hornets patches to replace the logo, court, uniforms and stadium.
– Default file IDs (cyberface, courts, etc) were used in the roster so you can use other patches.

– Latest NBA 2014 roster, accurate as of 8/2/14.

  • Includes Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins trade
  • Lance Stephenson to Charlotte
  • Pau Gasol to Chicago Bulls
  • LeBron James, Mike Miller, James Jones, Brendan Haywood to Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Vince Carter to Memphis Grizzlies
  • Luol Deng, Danny Granger to Miami Heat
  • Jeremy Lin to LA Lakers
  • Chandler Parsons, Tyson Chandler to Dallas Mavericks
  • Paul Pierce to Washing Wizards
  • All the recent trades and transactions. Far too many to mention them all.

1. Download the updated roster file and place it to your NBA 2K14 Saves folder.
2. Download Aderito’s 2014 Draft Class mod (required) and install the rookie cyber face files to your NBA 2K14 game folder.
3. Start the game and load the new roster.

Folder locations:
Game folder
• Windows – C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K14
• Steam – C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\NBA 2K14

Saves folder
• C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\NBA 2K14\Saves
You can also type “%AppData% to Windows ‘RUN’/Start menu search, press enter then open 2K Sports > NBA 2K14 > Saves.

Download 2K14 PC Roster Update 2014-15 with Rookies –



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