NBA 2K14 Roster Update December 2015


NBA 2K14 Roster Update December 2015

This is the latest NBA 2K14 Roster Update December 2015. It features all NBA Champions since the 1970’s PLUS many more teams [290+ total teams]! ALL teams work in season/association mode!  57 Complete NBA Seasons Mods: 1952, ABA, and every season from 1960-2014! (Plus extras!) .

Major Updates in V25:

*Added updated version of the Ultimate Base Roster & UBR Association Files with current transactions, signings, rotations, and coaching moves (12/7/14)
*Improved the structure file of the UBR Association Roster so that you can sim/play association mode through the year 2051 and beyond
*Added the new 2015 Brooklyn All-Star logo
*Added all of Retroman’s updated 2015 courts for current NBA teams
*Added a fictional 2015 All-Star court and fictional All-Star jerseys (courtesy JohnWest)
*Added all of the new 2015 jerseys for current NBA teams (including a tweaked jersey tab that will include the sleeved jerseys in UBR – courtesy Dwadeflash)
*Added ~130 retro player portraits (1980-2010) throughout applicable rosters – courtesy Jspurg
*Added ~15 retro player cyberfaces to applicable rosters – courtesy ShawnKemp and liuguangyi1981
*Added new versions of the 2000-2013 Rosters with real historical stats for players – courtesy Redd
*Added tweaked versions of the 1990-1999 rosters with more historical stats and player awards for players
*Rosters accurate as of 12/7/2014

Download NBA 2K14 Roster Update December 2015 –



  1. It looks awesome but I can’t download the files, when I try it’s either gateway time out or forbidden 🙁 can you fix the problem please ?


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