NBA 2K14 Roster Update Season 2015

NBA 2K15 graphics for NBA 2K14

NBA 2K15 graphics for NBA 2K14

Yes we know, plenty of you are still playing NBA 2K14 because the new NBA 2K15 is resource demanding. We want to help you to get the most accurate roster update for NBA 2K14, so we present you NBA 2K14 Roster Update Season 2015. As you can read from the text below you will get the most accurate lineups and player attributes.  The playbooks have been updated (for instance OKC Thunder are playing more defensively) and we have Real Draft Class for 2014, 2015 and 2016 so if you play with 76ers you can get the top NBA prospects which are real. In few words  NBA 2K14 Roster Update 21 November 2015 purpose is to give the user a realistic experience when playing NBA 2K14. Enjoy!

Important note: This roster should also not replace any cyberface file that you have downloaded, since it sticks with 2k’s original ID list

– Correct lineups
– Realistic Attributes
– Corrected Salaries
– Up-to-date transactions
– Injury-Free
– Updated all players overall, tendencies (based on real stats
– Updated all players Signature shots, shoes, accessories, dunk packages, dribble moves, roles, plays, personality and career development
– Updated coach profiles (based on real stats from
– Updated coach skills
– Real NBA playbooks: 50 plays for every team!
– Added more than 500 jerseys for NBA teams; some teams have various versions of accessories color for the same jerseys.
– Updated colors of accessories
– Various improvements for better Association mode
– Realistic sliders for best NBA 2K gameplay ever.
– Real draft class 2014-2015-2016 and 2017 by Mauroth

Changelog (11-21-14):
– Updated all the transactions before November 22, 2014.
– Implemented rotations
– Uninjured all injured players
– Made attribute changes to players
– Made playbook changes on some teams
– Adjusted sliders for simulation gameplay
– Included all rookies
– All rookies have cyberfaces
– Everyone either has a cyberface or a generic one.

How to make it work:
-Go to %appdata%
-Open 2k Sports
-Open the 2K14 folder
-Open the Saves folder
-Copy and paste all the files inside this .rar file.
-Load it in-game

Files inluded in this update:
-2015 DC
-2016 DC
-2017 DC
-Simulation Slider
-Cyberface ID List

Download NBA 2K14 Roster Update Season 2015 –



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