NBA 2K14 Ultimate Roster January 2015

NBA 2K14 Ultimate Roster January 2015

NBA 2K14 Ultimate Roster January 2015


– Updated Skin Colors, Body Types, Muscle Tones
– Accurate Accessories for all 30 NBA Teams + Free Agents
– Accurate Team Colors for all 30 NBA Teams (Real Matches & Practice)
– Multiple Gear Color Selection
– Added Multiple Retro Jerseys
– Added 2012 and 2013 Christmas and Latin Nights Jerseys
– Shoe Brands Unlocked for All Players
– Accurate Arena Names
– White Home Jersey for Lakers in Blacktop
– Hornets Version Total Conversion

NBA 2K14 Ultimate Roster January 2015


– Updated Transactions
– Updated Rotations for all 30 NBA Teams
– Updated Height & Weight
– Added All Missing Players
– Added 2014 NBA Rookies
– Removed Create-A-Players (CAPs) from Legends Pool
– Removed Retired/Overseas Players from FA Pool
– Updated 2014 Rookie Showcase based on Draft Express
– Updated 2014 NBA Draft
– Updated Signature Skills
– Updated Jump Shot Animations by me and J-Paul
– Updated Tendencies by theyano1
– Updated Coach Profiles
– Updated Current NBA Player Ratings (Including Free Agents)
– Updated Contracts
– Blacktop Players Unlocked!
– All-Star Teams Unlocked!
– Accurate Retro Coaches
– theyano!’s Playbooks for Current NBA Teams


– Realistic Hall of Fame & All-Star Gameplay Sliders
– Realistic In-Game Presentation Volumes

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  1. sir your updates is great.. i only have one problem.. i already have 3d logo before i downloaded this file.. when i load your roster file the team logo of charlotte hornets becomes “Z”.. i u can fix this pls.. 😀 the uniform and court is okay though only logo

  2. hi, why are there 4 different roster files (in the With Sig Skills version)? which one should i load in the game? and which options file? sorry, it’s the 1st time i download updates…
    (in any case, thank you for this great job!)


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