NBA 2K15 locker codes, cheats, VC Points for March revealed

NBA 2K15 Official Roster Update 11 March 2015

NBA 2K15 Official Roster Update 11 March 2015

Another set of locker codes, cheats, VC Points for NBA 2k15 were revealed. 2K revealed the newest set of NBA 2K15 locker codes along with big discounts and the long-awaited patch 4 release.  For the NBA 2K15 locker codes, players can go to the Options menu and select the Locker Codes tab. Once there, they can key in different codes to unlock various items.

To unlock Pink Diamond Tracy McGrady, enter 13IN35SECONDS. Meanwhile, FEARTHEBEARD will unlock the Gold Pack; and KINGJAMESONFIRE will have Miami Heat LeBron James available for MyTeam. However, he will only be available for the first 100 players.  For those gamers who want additional VC points, there are also March locker codes available to choose from. TOMAHAWKJAM and IMMRCLUTCH will both give 5,000 VC points. The codes PLAYOFFTIME2K15 and YAKKEM will give out 5,000 VC points. Meanwhile, ALMOSTTIME will grant players 10,000 VC points, and MAXCONTRACT will give 15,000 VC points. These points can then be used for upgrades.

For those who want to play with a classic player in their roster, there is also a locker code that releases legend Larry Bird into the title’s My Team roster. Gamers will have to use the locker code MRQ6P-JJ6XG-AQRV7-TFMXU-3U62C to use Bird. In other NBA 2K15 news, a new roster update has also been released that reflects recent injury-free changes. The roster also mirrors the recent changes to the NBA games. Most notably, these highlight some of the team color updates and uniform changes, like Lebron James seeing his headband removed.

In terms of player attribute changes, Kyrie Irving’s overall points is upgraded to 89. The update also changes Chicago Bulls’ Nikola Mirotic’s overall points to 79, Denver Nugget’s Will Barton’s overall to 73, and Philadelphia 76ers’ Nerlens Noel upgraded to 77.  The patch 4 or update 1.04 is also now made available for PS4 and PC. This new update brings stability improvements and provides a fix for one aggravating issue that hounds NBA 2K15 hardcore gamers – the shoe glitch.



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