Planet Coaster review


Planet Coaster is theme park creation game developed by Frontier, which keeps the spirit of the much RollerCoster Tycoon going. The main goal of you, as a player is to build and manage a theme park that is captivating and dazzling in every way and form so that the visitors- be it a child or an adult, that come through the gates can walk out with a big smile and a huge thumb up. That is when you have truly succeeded and built one for the ages!


There are three different options to choose from when you start playing- career mode, sandbox or the challenge mode. In career mode gives you a half-built park by someone that has hit a rough patch and you have been tasked to resurrect it. Its like playing with someone else’s toys.
Sandbox lets you design your own parks, provide unlimited funds for doing so and almost all the resources can be customized. It is for a player who is willing to invest more game-hours to build the park that will be unique in every way and form.
Challenge mode is where the real test is- it gives you handsome rewards for achieving a target, acting on the visitors demands and improving their experience.  The T-shirt for this game can be purchased from Sunfrog, you can use coupons to save.

The Good

Sheer variety of tools at your disposal to create your dream park is staggering- be it the choice of rides, scenery or the shops and stalls all around. The number of choices that one has when it comes with deigning every nook and cranny of a theme park and the assets at your disposal tests your creativity to the hilt. The best thing is, the tools for design are intuitive and helpful and help you design rides, add interesting mods and fine tune them to perfection. The mods are fully 3d in nature which gives it a 360-degree experience and one can explore it from any point of view.

Scope of Improvement

There are a few things that might be a source of annoyance. Planet Coaster does not allow to scale up things and objects placed in the park area. Another big minus is that when you are actually test riding the coasters it does not give you a rush felt in RollerCoaster Tycoon. Rides are quiet, without any wind rushing through the ebb and flow of the coaster and what you hear is the scream and laughter of the fellow passengers, which is a big turn off.

Overall Say

Planet Coaster marks the return of a game genre that had been forgotten. Community base is superb which allows for efficient use of resources and are open to all and vibrant which allows in the creation of more visually stunning parks.
If you are looking at the sim from a tycoon’s perspective, more like a profit churning machine it may leave you disappointed.
If you want the joy of building something unique and be successful at building and managing it and happily want to lose track of time and reality, this is the game for you. More rides, more fun and fully customizable. Grab it now! This game can be purchased from G2A.


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