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Last summer Ronald Koeman become manager of Southampton and immediately brought success to his new club. Although every Premier league expert expected them to struggle and be in the relegation zone considering the sale of their main stars (Lallana, Shaw, Lambert, Lovren), Southampton so far this season is the most pleasure surprise.  Our mission with this Southampton tactic FM 15 is to replicate the Koeman’s tactic and bring them to the top of the Premier League. In my first season and some of my second season, I used 4-2-3-1 tactic with great success. (3th place in my first season in PL)
But during my second season, I decided to create my own version of the 4-3-3. A tactic that would fit my Southampton team more and give Tadic the glory he deserved.
In my third season my team accomplished this:
– Won the PL, breaking the point-record with 99 points. Scored 82 goals, conceding 19 goals during 38 games
– Reached the FA-Cup final, lost on penalties (vs Chelsea) (Received a stupid red card during the second half while leading 2-1)
– Won the CL-final 2-1 versus Bayern.


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Additional notes:
– I recommend having defenders with decent pace stats.
– A very important offensive position is the inside-forward. He’ll be scoring a decent amount goals. I have Tadic in this position. If your best inside-forward is right footed, you can switch the AML to inside-forward and the AMR to winger. The best thing would be if the inside-forward is two-footed obviously. If you do this I’d also recommend to switch Roaming playmaker and the central midfielder.
– Lucas Romero is simply amazing as the roaming playmaker!
– It’s important that you select the best players for the specific roles.
– You might have to tweak the PI’s for your individual players! For example I’ve got Wanyama to “shoot more often” as his longshot stats are quite decent. He has scored quite a few times from long shots.

Tactics_  Opposition Instructions
Training_  Team-3
Training: Pre-season
Training_  Team-2
Training: During Season

AMR (IF) means that the AMR is the inside forward, and is supposed to be left footed.
AML (IF) means that the AML is the inside forward, and is supposed to be right footed.

– Have your Right back take corners on the right side, and have your Left back take corners on the left side. This is important. They’re taking them short, so it doesn’t matter if they don’t have great corner skills. Just set them to this!


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