All-Star Jerseys for NBA2K14


All-Star Jerseys for NBA2K14

Today we present you All-Star Jerseys for NBA2K14 Medevenx is back with his ultimate roster for NBA 2K14 PC. It adds all the missing players including legends in the game. A perfect roster to use whether you’re playing MyCareer, Association, Blacktop, or just a regular exhibition game.
• The roster comes in four variants:

  1. WI (With Injuries): Real team rotations + All-star teams.
  2. WOI (Without Injuries): All players & teams at their best + All-star teams.
  3. Assoc: NBA 2013-14 team rotations recommended for MyCAREER andAssociation mode.
  4. Blacktop: No injuries and all players unlocked in Blacktop mode.

What’s New?
– 2014 Sleeved East & West All-Star jerseys NEW
– Latest trades and transactions reflected
– Special Roster: Heat, Nets nicknames jerseys (v0.8c only)
– Substantial overall ratings update
– Added all the new short-sleeved Christmas uniforms
– Accurate team rotations
– Updated roster, added missing files & accessories updates
– All-star teams unlocked
– Updated coach sliders
– Multi-gear color selection
– Unlocked tons of retro jerseys
– Accurate coaches for retro teams
– Blacktop roster with all superstars unlocked


1. After downloading the compressed files, extract it using WinRAR.
2. Copy the roster *.ROS* and Settings *.STG* files in NBA 2K14 Saves folder.
Saves folder
Open the run dialog box by pressing the Windows Key + R on your keyboard,
then type: %AppData% and hit Enter. Open 2K Sports > NBA 2K14 > Saves

3. Copy all the game folder files (mostly *.IFF*) in NBA 2K14 main game folder.
Game folder
Windows 32bit – C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K14
Windows 64bit- C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Sports\NBA 2K14
4. Run nba2k14 then go to ‘Options’ » ‘Load / Save’ » ‘Load’ » select the roster.

Roster Files
v0.8c – Download (includes nicknames jerseys)
v0.9c – Download | Mirror#1 | Mirror#2 | Mirror#3 Last updated 01/21/14 NEW

Game Folder Files:
Pack #1 – Download | Mirror#1 | Mirror#2 | Mirror#3 (v0.3 onwards)
Pack #2 – Download | Mirror#1 | Mirror#2 | Mirror#3 (v0.5 onwards) Updated 12/18/13
Pack #3 – Download | Mirror#1 | Mirror#2 | Mirror#3 (v0.6 onwards) Updated 12/23/13
Pack #4 – Download | Mirror#1 | Mirror#2 | Mirror#3 (0.7 onwards) Added 12/27/13
Pack #5 – Download | Mirror#1 | Mirror#2 | Mirror#3 (0.9 onwards)  Updated 01/21/14 NEW

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