The True Arsene Wenger Tactic for FM 2015

The True Arsene Wenger Tactic for FM 2015


Over the years Arsene has established his legacy at the London club, and is easily their best ever manager. He has got them playing some attractive and entertaining football, always looking to attack no matter who they are against, and he’s masterminded them to some brilliant wins over the years. My aim in the tactic i’m about to show you is to emulate Wenger’s style of attacking, possession based football with the 4-2-3-1 wide formation which seems to be his most used formation over the last few years. I used this tactic with Arsenal of course, i have got some absolutely astonishing results. First competitive game in the Community Shield against City, destroyed them 8-1.The True Arsene Wenger Tactic for FM 2015

The True Arsene Wenger Tactic for FM 2015

I’ve heard people a few times saying that “Much higher tempo” doesn’t go with possession style football. I sort of agree and disagree. I believe that with that instruction, you move the ball quicker, more with a purpose and more likely to produce goal scoring opportunities however you may sacrifice a little bit of possession. Wenger’s Arsenal don’t always have more possession than the opponent, which is how it is with this tactic. I simply cannot stand a possession tactic where the players will pass it around slowly and ineffectively, with no real threat on the opposition’s goal. The “Much higher defensive line” and “use offside trap” instructions are meant to replicate Arsenal’s zonal marking-offisde trap in real life, which i think i have done successfully.


Opposition instructions

Unless you know what you are doing, leave them to your assistant manager (try and get a good one like Mauro Tassotti)


Please don’t expect this tactic to click immediately if you try this, it needs time to get fluid, and it needs the right players. I have only tried this tactic with Arsenal, and i plan to try it with Newcastle, so i don’t know whether this works for lower league teams. You may need to make some adjustments depending on your squad, for example you may have to mirror the tactic if you’ve got 2 left footed left wingers and 2 left footed right wingers, and change the IF/S to the AMR and W/A to AML, WB/S to DL, WB/A to DR, DLP/D and BBM/S swapped around. I recommend you individually train your players to the positions in the tactic. I also recommend you arrange between 7-9 friendlies in order to get this tactic fluid quicker, you should also make sure you get a good assistant manager like Mauro Tassotti with good man-management, motivation and tactical knowledge. Get some good coaches to help with the fluidity of the tactic as well. As i said i haven’t tried this tactic with any other teams, so it may not be the best for a lower league team, but by all means try it and let me know how you get on.

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