6 Reasons to Stick with Your Current Smartphone


It’s not easy to escape the hype and the excitement about various newly released smartphones, especially if you follow latest tech news. People are lusting over iPhone X, LG V30, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Google Pixel 2 XL.  Before you succumb to the pressure, it is important for you to think it through. Although you feel a strong urge to upgrade your existing smartphone, there are good reasons that it isn’t necessary and, in some cases, it isn’t advisable.


  1. Functionality is still mostly the same: If you look closer, all the recent advancements in mobile phone technology are usually incremental and there are no features that strongly change the level of functionality. Apps still work well on your current smartphone and although new devices have stronger processor, sharper screens and improved cameras, you will notice little or no real-life difference. Even battery life doesn’t improve much. Unless you find that wireless charging feature can significantly improve your productivity, your current phone is still good enough.


  1. They are expensive: New smartphones are not cheap. The most affordable iPhone X with the least amount of internal storage costs between $999 and $1,300 depending on the region. High-end Android devices may cost you $800 or more. You should save your money for the time being.


  1. They are not more durable: New smartphones are getting more complex and stylish. These factors actually make new smartphones more fragile. Slimmer metal frames, glass backs and edge-to-edge screens won’t survive a drop on hard surfaces. So, smartphones will dent or crack badly with just a mild drop or bump. New smartphones are so expensive and fragile that many users find it mandatory to spend $10 per month or more on damage insurance. Your current smartphone may be bulkier or even have boring plastic chassis, but you have witnessed how it survived some nasty drops.


  1. You help the environment: You are not helping the environment by discarding perfectly good smartphone and you don’t need to waste resources. Your decision to stick with your current smartphone may not make a significant impact, but it’s the least you can do. You should take pride in being able to use your current smartphone.



  1. You may encounter new issues: Using a brand-new smartphone may not be a painless experience. You could experience issues due to new features, software version and internal hardware offered with the phone. New models often have glitches that need to be ironed out on later production batches. You shouldn’t become the guinea pigs by becoming the person who reports the issues. Some problems can be fixed by software updates, but you will need a device replacement, if you have a hardware glitch. In some cases, the manufacturer doesn’t provide you with a replacement and you need to keep using the faulty device. We have heard issues about Apple iPhone X and Pixel 2. After spending $1000 or more on a smartphone, you shouldn’t get any noticeable problem. New smartphones also work better with IEMs making them more effective and reliable.


  1. Having the latest device is a fleeting feeling: Many people want to become the first who own the latest smartphone. They can show it off to friends and brag about it. However, your pride will slowly subside and after a few months your smartphone already starts to show its age. You can gain advantage by deferring the purchase and if you are really tempted, it is a good idea to wait for a few months to monitor reports on problems and whether they have been resolved effectively. You need to wait for the second or third production batch, so the phone will work as advertised. On the other hand, it’s easy to fix your current smartphone. If your screen is cracked and the battery wears out, there’s already a good supply of parts in the market and they are cheaper.


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